ADSL Cooler

Now-a-days use of ADSL MODEM is increseing day-by-day !

Henceforth i have come up with an idea to increse ur modem life !!!

Heat can destroy any IC , so with help of my cooler u save ur modem from dieing !!!!!

THINGS Req: 12v dc FAN (if using SMPS)

5v dc FAN (if using usb)

Long usb wire(usb)

long wire with connector jack (SMPS)

Warning : warranty of ur product may be void !!

so you can try method 2 (without opening modem)

STEP 1 :open ur modem !

STEP 2 :cut down the top portion !

STEP 3 :Screw down the fan at he top on the cut u made !!!

STEP 4 : Now pack up the modem and apply power connections !!!

above : completed modem day view

below : night view of my modem !!!

any query can be asked for at : [email protected]

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