Smart Quill

Lyndsay Williams of Microsoft Research’s Cambridge UK lab is the inventor of the Smartquill, a pen that can remember the words that it is used to write, and then transform them into computer text. The idea that “it would be neat to put all of a handheld-PDA type computer in a pen,” came to the …

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The Gps Technology

Search for The Gps Technology.doc in google and for ppt go for slideshare  search . so you can prepare ur own Seminar Topic . The Gps Technology Paras View more presentations from paras97.


METHOD 2 As I previously said in my first post on this adsl cooler, so this method 2 is to cool ur modem without voiding your warranty terms !!!!!! THINGS REQ : 1> USB WIRE 2>5volt DC fan or 1>long wire 2>12volt DC fan 3>adaptor 12 v /SMPS male connector STEP 1> Pair the cooler …


ADSL Cooler

Now-a-days use of ADSL MODEM is increseing day-by-day ! Henceforth i have come up with an idea to increse ur modem life !!! Heat can destroy any IC , so with help of my cooler u save ur modem from dieing !!!!! THINGS Req: 12v dc FAN (if using SMPS) 5v dc FAN (if using …

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