If ONE DAY……Poem

:THE Poem is about the relationship (friendship , love,anything u think abt )

IF one day you feel like crying


I don’t promise you that…..

I will make you laugh, but

I can cry with you..

If one day you want to run away

Don’t be afraid to call me….

I don’t promise to ask u to stop,

but I can run with you….

IF one day you don’t want to listen to anybody,

Call me….

I promise to be very quite,but

IF one day you call there’s NO answer,

Come fast to see me.

Perhaps I need you…….

Author unknown

Got it on my Class’s table !!!!!author???

5 thoughts on “If ONE DAY……Poem”

  1. The original writer is an ex boyfriend of mine,he wrote it a long time ago from the heart for me but… what i am wondering is why there are so many people on the internet claiming it to be theirs,last i checked that is illegal or do you find my assumption to be wrong

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