Intel core i7 means ?

Intel Pentium is now officially retired, as “core 2 Duo,” which pushed down by ” core i7 Intel nehalem ”

some of its previous generations are given below :

  • 1st gen architecture = 8086
  • 2nd gen architecture = 286
  • 3rd gen architecture = 386
  • 4th gen architecture = 486
  • 5th gen architecture = P5 (Pentium)
  • 6th gen architecture = P6-based (Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium-M, Core, Core 2)
  • (6th gen branched to “P68? aka Pentium IV)
  • 7th gen architecture = i7 Nehalem resent one

The new Intel Core i7 replaces the chip codenamed Nehalem , a chip actually named after a river in Oregon country (Oregon Country claimed by both the United States and Britain).

Intel has now left millions computer dealers out in the cold after admitting that there no meaning behind their product name i7, making it hard to explain confused customers 100 times a day that i7 means “nothing,” its actually just the upgraded Core 2 quad .

other rumors play at large as techo-worms name it differently :

  1. i7 =intel 7 cache
  2. i7= integrated by team of 7
  3. i7= it’s jus nothing my friends !!!

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