N73 Latest Firmware 2009


NOKIA has an online updater which have only RM-133 v4.0812.xx.x.x,

an unofficial update for N73 is available & use by max. people worldwide ie. RM-133 v4.0839-42.2.1 (i’m using it ).

But some days back i learned that a higher firmware was released on 12/12/2008 for hong-kong $ taiwan which is RM-133 v4.850.43.0.1 .

I have downloaded it from rapidshare  and also tried but it has different language !!

Anyone Who tried it please leave a comment so that others can get an idea.

Hope Nokia Officially Launches on for APAC .

Product Code Specification:

0539692: HK CV SP
0514756: HK CV WM
0539696: HK CV WR
0542477: Taiwan CHT SP
0542478: Taiwan CHT WR
0539683: Taiwan CV SP
0539682: Taiwan CV WR

12 thoughts on “N73 Latest Firmware 2009”

  1. hi,

    its me gauravashk, a passionate n73 freek, i am using n73’s latest firmware version 4.850.43.0.1 which i had updated 1 week back. its like a nuclear power.
    very good fast speed, many of the bugs and problems solved good RAM and its in english i am using. but only thing is you wont get 73ME feature which is to direct open music player by right key press. better would be the hongkong one. taiwan has some problem..

    take care….

  2. i think it is the better firmware i have use…i have 4 time upgrade firmware myself but lot of theme have bugs.. anyway it’s better use phoenix…

  3. mehul umaravkar

    hey. i have v4.0839.21.2.1 in my n73 ME
    bt there is a problem in installation in JAVA apps.
    is it there in every one?????

    can i go throug higher one?? is it available???
    pla informe me if u have any idea???????/

  4. dude i have it.The latest 4.85.Still explorin.Doesn’t seem different to me than previous 1.Still can’t go in silent using #.Can’t directly open music player.Do’t know rest!!Still ok.So good luck1

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