N73 Latest Firmware 2009


NOKIA has an online updater which have only RM-133 v4.0812.xx.x.x,

an unofficial update for N73 is available & use by max. people worldwide ie. RM-133 v4.0839-42.2.1 (i’m using it ).

But some days back i learned that a higher firmware was released on 12/12/2008 for hong-kong $ taiwan which is RM-133 v4.850.43.0.1 .

I have downloaded it from rapidshare  and also tried but it has different language !!

Anyone Who tried it please leave a comment so that others can get an idea.

Hope Nokia Officially Launches on for APAC .

Product Code Specification:

0539692: HK CV SP
0514756: HK CV WM
0539696: HK CV WR
0542477: Taiwan CHT SP
0542478: Taiwan CHT WR
0539683: Taiwan CV SP
0539682: Taiwan CV WR