Smart Quill

Lyndsay Williams of Microsoft Research’s Cambridge UK lab is the inventor of the Smartquill, a pen that can remember the words that it is used to write, and then transform them into computer text. The idea that “it would be neat to put all of a handheld-PDA type computer in a pen,” came to the …

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The Gps Technology

Search for The Gps Technology.doc in google and for ppt go for slideshare  search . so you can prepare ur own Seminar Topic . The Gps Technology Paras View more presentations from paras97.

Swine flu @ Nagpur

India  has lost 11 people in this EPIDEMIC (swine flu , h1n1 ). the 1st registered death due to this flu was from Pune ,Maharastra .There is nothing to panic about , but every indian should be aware of symptoms . If drug is administered winthin 48 hrs of symptoms chances of survival are high …

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