Pendrive That fools

a USB flash drive designed to look like a torn USB cable

As we know that USB flash drives are so handy these days, and the size is so small, which we’ll always tend to forget and misplace it somewhere. And this will make it easily fall into the hands of your rivals, who can then get all the confidential data that you have on the drive.

The Hacked! drive is definitely a good idea, which it looks like a slashed cable. When it’s left unattended on the work desk, anyone passes by wouldn’t have noticed that it’s a USB flash drive that stores some important data. The Hacked! drive has a storage capacity of 2GB. It could be the most efficient method to protect the data stored on it, by deceiving others that it doesn’t look like a USB flash drive.

Most people will not take a torn USB cable, so it should remain safe even when you’ve forgotten and left it on your work desk, when you’re rushing and packing home. And I’m sure the next day, when you get back to your work desk, it still remains intact.

The drive is so confusing that even an computer expert found it as a peice of broken usb cable !!!!

1 thought on “Pendrive That fools”

  1. It’s cool untill someone throws it in the thrash because they think it’s really a broken USB cable.

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