Virus on

Directorate of Technical Education Maharashtra State ‘s Website is having virus scripts in it .So start educating yourself with virus as a head start.

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  1. Pl note that DTE website is infested with virus
    If you are using a Windows XP computer, your computer will get infected with virus updpxe32.exe.

    To remove this virus, follow the process as below :-
    1. Boot in safe mode by pressing F8 during boot process.
    2. Select “Safe mode with networking”
    3. Once booted, goto Start – Run – type “msconfig”
    3. System COnfig utility will open. Goto ”Startup” Tab. You will see updpxe32.exe. Uncheck the check box. Click on APply & exit.
    4. Now goto C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. If u see any exe file here, delete that.
    5. Now goto Control Panel – Firewall – Tick ‘ON’ & ‘Dn’t allow exceptions’/
    6. Goto next tab “Exceptions’
    7. Look for updpxe32.exe or services.exe. Uncheck them & delete.
    8. Now reboot & you will be OK.

    Pl tell all your friends who are accessing DTE website & warn them of this danger.
    I tried calling the Helpline no. posted on DTE website but it is always engaged. It seems they are flooded with calls with virus affected students but there is no solution. If anyone has any email id or phone no of DTE officers, pl do call & inform them so that we can submit our applications. Right now, I am unable to even open the site as my Laptop immediately hangs due to virus.

  2. The DTE site may be virus infected but it can’t do a damn to my Linux OS and the Linux browser. Even the speed is not getting restricted in my computer. It’s better to use Linux for browsing unknown territory.

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